Strange Fo-Fc map

Vesa Tuominen O_GOLD Vesa.Tuominen at
Thu Dec 4 03:54:00 EST 1997

> > I have strange Fo-Fc map, where are several parallel + and - density
> > lines. The resolution of our data is about 2.1 and we have solved
> > structure to about 2.1. R is about 19 % and Rfree 24 %. Everything looks
> > good exept our Fo-Fc map.
> Are you using x-plor online? are you calculating sigmaA weighted maps? If
> so there was an error in some of the distributed scripts for map
> calculations. If that is the case let me know and I will dig into my
> scripts to find both the wrong and the correct one.
Yes I am using X-plor online? And yes I am also calculating sigmaA
weighted maps. 
Thank you !


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