B-factor refinement in v3.1 vs v3.851

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Fri Dec 5 20:32:23 EST 1997

In article <3488A5B2.41C6 at biosci.uq.oz.au>, vos at biosci.uq.oz.au (Siska Vos)

> Dear All,
> Has anyone experienced differences in B-factor refinement depending on
> whether Xplor v3.1 or Xplor v3.851 is used?
> v3.851.  The weights, resolution range, sigma cutoff, etc are the same
> in both.  

Which target functions are you using in each version?
Keep in mind that the weights for different targets are very different.
Are you also using bulk sovent correction in 3.1?

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