X-PLOR on O2/Octane

Thomas hamelryck thomas at ultr5.vub.ac.be
Tue Dec 9 03:31:08 EST 1997

Anonymous (nobody at REPLAY.COM) wrote:
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: > an OCTANE?  We're attempting to determine if it's cost effective to get
: > an O2

: Think DEC Alpha...[533 MHz + top of the line graphics card (runs "O") for $15K]

: Just an idea...

Definitely a good idea. These babies are _fast_. These "benchmarks" give
the CPU time used to complete the same job on different machines. The DEC
machine is definitely the fastest.

MAchine                         CPU-Time       Relative speed
-------                         --------       --------------
CRAY  : X-PLOR: total CPU time=   9331 s  		   60
O2    : X-PLOR: total CPU time=  15644 s    		  100 <- re
OCTANE: X-PLOR: total CPU time=   7276 s     		48
DEC   : X-PLOR: total CPU time=   3754 s     		24

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