ambiguous assignments

Andrew Gelasco gelasco at
Fri Feb 14 12:00:17 EST 1997

I am somewhat confused about inputing ambiguous  assignments into x-plor
for use in the relaxation matrix refinement.  I have seen the format
used in the sample table : nmr_relaxation/sample.tbl, and that is clear
for two ambiguous crosspeaks with one common proton.  My problem is
inputing two different assignments corresponding to the same cross peak,

assign (resid 1 and name h1') (resid 1 and name h8)
assign (resid 5 and name h1') (resid 5 and name h8) 

these two different assignments are for the same crosspeak volume.  

My question is, then, do I use an or statement to connect the peaks.

Any one have a solution to this problem....

Andy Gelasco

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