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Omar G. Stradella omar at
Mon Feb 24 15:16:16 EST 1997

Michael Strickler wrote:
> We have just received an O2 demonstration unit from SGI, and we want to
> evaluate X-PLOR on this machine, which runs IRIX 6.3.  Neither the
> "online" 64-bit executable nor a version that we compiled for IRIX 6.2
> and the R10000 works on the O2; are there any special factors we should
> consider when we try to compile under IRIX 6.3?
> --

Hi Michael,

I haven't tried yet to compile XPLOR on a O2 machine. The 64-bit
won't work because the O2 machines don't support execution of 64-bit
binaries. My best guess is that it should be enough with changing -64
-n32 and using the original sgitime.s file (i.e., the one for 32 bits).

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