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                    BY ULTRA-HIGH-FIELD (800 MHZ) NMR

Our NMR group has postdoctoral positions to determine the structures of protein-
peptide complexes by use of ultra-high-field (800 MHz) NMR spectroscopy.  You
may work on either one of the following projects: (1) complexes of the small
GTPase Cdc42 (19 kD) with natural and designed peptides; (2) complexes of the
complement protein C5a or the parathyroid hormone with receptor fragments; (3)
human angiogenin in complex with inhibitors.  All the proteins are expressed and
labelled with the 15N and/or 13C isotopes.  The projects will have significant
access to our new 800 MHz NMR spectrometer which has become operational and
produces NMR spectra with significantly increased sensitivity.

Candidates must have a recent Ph.D. (within the last 5 years) in chemistry,
biochemistry or a related field and have demonstrated abilities to carry out
and publish original research of high quality.  Ideal candidates should have
experience in the determination of the three-dimensional structures of proteins
by NMR or in the conformational analysis of bioactive peptides.  Experience in
protein expression and purification is an important asset.  Salaries are in the
range of $24,000-$27,000, but can go up to $35,000 commensurate with experience
and with your project responsibilities.

Interested candidates should address their inquiries to:
     Feng Ni, Ph.D.
     Head of Biomolecular NMR
     Biotechnology Research Institute
     6100 Royalmount Avenue
     Montreal, Quebec, H4P 2R2, Canada
     phone: (514)-496-6729; fax: (514)-496-5143
     e_mail: fengni at

Applications will be accepted until the end of August, 1997.  The positions are
available immediately, but can be taken up as late as the begining of January,
1998.  I thank all the applicants for their interests, but we may contact only
those being considered if there are many applications.

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