Asking for a collaboration on computational modeling of a protein

Wang Xunzhang wxz at ZSULINK.ZSU.EDU.CN
Mon Mar 17 22:08:54 EST 1997

   Hello!  All,

   We recently analyze a mutant baculovirus which produces only one abnormally 
large cubic polyhedra within each nucleus (wild-type baculovirus produces hundreds 
of relatively small polyhedra, which are formed by occluding virus particles within
the lattice-like polyhedrin protein coded by polyhedrin gene), and find that this 
phenomenon is due to a single mutation in the polyhedrin gene open reading frame 
(total about 250 codon) of the mutant baculovirus. The codon of the 25th amino acid
was mutated from GGT to GAT. Consequently, the 25th amino acid was substituted from
Gly to Asp.

   We are eager to explain this phenomenon using a computational modeling approach,
although I am NOT sure whether it is a right thing to do (please advice me !).

   You are also welcome to do a collaboration with my group.

   Thank you in advance.

   Dr. Xunzhang Wang
   School of Life Science
   Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) University
   Guangzhou 510275

   E-mail: wxz at

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