xplor + very large structure

Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve rwgk at laplace.csb.yale.edu
Thu Oct 16 23:23:52 EST 1997

All the large arrays in xplor are allocated dynamically. If xplor
allocates 480MB, it somehow thinks it needs that much memory.

Playing with the prexplor.dim definitions will not help.
In addition, the SGI OS (maybe most Unix systems) is smart enough
not to touch pages which are allocated but not used. This way
static arrays with dimensions larger than necessary for your job
have hardly any impact. The only difference is that you need
enough swap space. I.e., if your job does not run out of swap
space, the definitions in prexplor.dim do not matter at all.

> can xplor be reconfigured to use less memory in any way?

I think the short answer is simply no.


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