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Wed Oct 22 07:46:42 EST 1997

Laboratory: AFMB-CNRS, Marseille, France
Web site:    http:///

Applications are invited for a two years post-doctoral research
assistant. The candidate will apply to the European Union TMR-BIOTECH
program (next deadline 15 December 1997), in conjunction with the
laboratory. Information package is  available at:
An application on the same topic was successful in the last call, but
the candidate resigned due to personal reasons. It is expected that a
good candidate will have very good chances to succeed. The salary
provides by EU is 14,700 FF per month neat (30,0000 USD/year).
Current projects include bacterial and mammalian glycosyltransferases.
Experience in crystallization and crystallography is  required. In
addition, some experience and interest in molecular biology and protein
expression/purification is desired.
Standard X-ray equipment is available in the laboratory, including two
MarResearch imaging plates, an Oxford cryosystem, two cray-linked SGI
Origin200 machines and SGI Impact graphics display. In-house equipment
for protein expression and purification is also available.

Please send curriculum vitae, description of research interests, names
of three references to: Yves Bourne, AFMB-CNRS 31 Ch. Joseph Aiguier
13402 Marseille Cedex 20, France.
Tel: +33-4-91-16-45-08
E-mail: yves at

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