TOP: Structure comparisons and 3d database searching via internet

Guoguang LU guoguang at ALFA.MBB.KI.SE
Sun Aug 2 07:11:50 EST 1998

The TOP program version 6, a test internet version, is available for structure 
comparisons and similarity searches in 3d database. 

The recent changes include :
1) Similarity searching in Protein Databank and comparisons can be performed
via internet so that most recent data can be accessed.
2) Database can be automatically updated so that no maintenance is not needed
3) The program can be connected with 3DB Browser so that the searching ranges
can be for restricted by sequence, date, resolution ... and so on. With this
function, the program can be easily used for modeling purpose.
4) The program have an interface with SCOP database so that user can compare
the target protein with each independent family or super-family defined by 

(Web server)
More friendly output and detailed information are provided. The output
results contain links to PDB or SCOP database so that users can obtain
the relevant information conveniently. User can also get information
about sequence comparisons and monitor
the log file during the procedure

For detailed information please see

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