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Tristan J. Fiedler M.Sc. tfiedler at NEWSSUN.MED.MIAMI.EDU
Mon Aug 10 12:01:25 EST 1998

Hello Xplorers!

I am currently refining a large protein structure and would like to
exclude several aa side chains from the refinement and xFo-yFc map
making procedure.  Is it best to:

1.	Physically remove the atoms from the input pdb file

2.	Use the 'delete' statement as follows:

	selection = ( segid "sega" and resid 113)
	selection = ( segid "sega" and resid 114)

3.	Set the atoms occupancy to '0'
4. 	None of the above.  Please suggest...

Thank you for any input.  It is always appreciated.

Tristan Fiedler

Tristan J. Fiedler, M.Sc.
Graduate Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
University of Miami Medical School

email: tfiedler at

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