Error message.

Jean-Luc Pellequer pelleque at SCRIPPS.EDU
Mon Aug 10 13:29:46 EST 1998

----- Begin Included Message -----
 %CODBON-ERR: missing bond parameters %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  bond energy constant missing.
  target bond length missing.
  ATOM1: SEGId="DDDD",  RESId="102 ",  NAME="OD1 ",  CHEMical="OCZ "
  ATOM2: SEGId="DDDD",  RESId="252 ",  NAME="NI  ",  CHEMical="NI2 "
 %CODBON-ERR: program will be aborted.
 BOMLEV=    0 reached.  Program execution will be terminated.
 Subroutine DIE called . Terminating
----- End Included Message -----


	What is the atom "NI" on many of your residue.
	It does not belong to Xplor atom names, this is why
	you have the error message.
	It also has nothing to do with bond term only, you would
	have had the same errors with angles and dihedrals....

	Check this NI, if you created it, be sure to include the
	corresponding parameter values in the par*.pro file.


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