To hold coordinates, or not to hold coordinates, that's the poll

Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt GERARD at XRAY.BMC.UU.SE
Tue Feb 3 08:36:50 EST 1998

This may be of interest to people who determine structures:

>     In light of the various ongoing discussions of the one year hold for 
>     structure coordinates, we are hosting a vote on the matter on the 
>     Nature Structural Biology web site, based on a petition to the IUCr 
>     proposed by Alex Wlodawer. I know that the journals Science and =
>     the IUCr, the PDB and the NIH are interested in the results we will 
>     obtain so potentially, the data may be of some importance in guiding 
>     discussions of future policy.
>     For the vote to best represent the feelings in and beyond the 
>     structure community it is vital that as many people vote as =
>     Thus I am e-mailing you to ask if you, and your colleagues, would be 
>     interested in contributing your opinions on the matter.  The URL for 
>     the site of the vote is:
>     I would not object if you wished to forward this message on to other 
>     colleagues, either structural biologists or scientists with an 
>     interest in the availability of structural data, whom you think may 
>     also want to express their opinion on the matter.
>     If you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please 
>     don't hesitate to contact me at this address or tel: 212 726 9313, 
>     fax: 212 679 0735.
>     Sincerely
>     Guy Riddihough
>     Editor, Nature Structural Biology

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