X-plor for Linux/Alpha

Clemens Vonrhein vonrhein at bio5.chemie.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Feb 5 17:11:02 EST 1998

In article <6b3skc$fdi$1 at news.kren.nm.kr>, "Tae-Sung Yoon" <taesung at plaza1.snu.ac.kr> writes:
|> Hello,
|> I failed to install X-plor under RedHat Linux5.0 for Alpha using egcs1.0
|> (g77 fortran compiler)
|> while  succesful installations of X-plor both under Linux for Intel and
|> under Digital-Unix for Alpha have been reported.
|> Please let me know the version of Linux and the name of fortran compiler if
|> you make a success in installing X-plor for Linux/Alpha ?
|> Sincerely
|> Yoon, Tae-Sung

Well I tried it too ... the problem is the linuxtime.s code. You can
either start from the OSF or the linux (i386) side. But you'll
definitely have to rewrite the heap allocation procedures (keeping in
mind this 32/64 bit pointer/integer calling c from fortran etc. business).

Good luck !


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