Please, help !

Boxu Yan byan at CABM.RUTGERS.EDU
Thu Jan 1 17:56:06 EST 1998

Dear Xplor users:

I'm working on a large protein molecule:  HIV-1 RT complexed 
with an inhibitor and am new to the program Xplor.

I am now using Xplor to obtain the and  I found that the two files I got look very 
similar when I display with the program "O".  I expected the
electron density map of the fo-fc to be less crowded, however, 
in my case, the map is very crowed and contains several 
regions which fall outside the region where the molecule is 
The R values and Rfree values in the Xplor generated pdb 
files are as follow: 

        rigid:  	0.343 	0.341
        prepstage	0.353 	0.387
        positional 	0.348 	0.393 

I would appreciate any suggestion, 
and thank you in advance, 


                Boxu Yan, PhD
                Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine
                Piscataway - New Jersey
                byan at

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