position for computational NMR research

Axel T. Brunger brunger at laplace.csb.yale.edu
Wed Jul 8 17:19:37 EST 1998

We are seeking an NMR spectroscopist with an interest in computational 
methods development. A full time position is available at Yale 
University for development and support of NMR related aspects of the 
program "Crystallography & NMR System" (CNS). The successful candidate 
will be involved in computational research and software development in 
structure determination by solution NMR. There will be opportunities 
for collaborations with NMR groups at Yale University and Dr. Marius 
Clore¹s group at the National Institutes of Health.  A Ph.D. in a 
field related to NMR spectroscopy is required. Several years of 
postdoctoral experience are preferred. Competitive salary and benefits 
will be offered.

Candidates should send a resume and three letters of reference to 
Professor Axel T. Brünger, Yale University, Department of Molecular 
Biophysics and Biochemistry, P.O. Box 208114, 434 Bass Center, 266 
Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06520-8114.

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