X-PLOR 98.0 is released

Mary Donlan med at MSI.COM
Wed Jul 8 13:03:04 EST 1998

Dear X-PLOR users:

MSI would like to announce the release of X-PLOR 98.0.  This new release
offers substantial new capabilities for both X-ray crystallographic and NMR
Structure refinement including:

-Maximum Likelihood methods for X-ray Structure Refinement
-Optimized Torsion Angle Dynamic (TAD) Methods
-Validated scripts for TAD with NMR distance restraints
-Ambiguous Restraints for Iterative Assignment (ARIA) technology
-Novel technology for NOE refinement.

All of these enhancements are geared towards helping you determine better
quality structures faster.  

Interfaces to X-PLOR 98.0 are also available as part of InsightII (Xsight
for crystallography and NMR X-PLOR for NMR) as well as Quanta for X-ray

As this new release  indicates and as our continued development plans will
show, MSI is committed to maintaining X-PLOR's leadership status through
MSI's ongoing development and support of X-PLOR. 

If you are interested in obtaining additional information on X-PLOR 98.0,
please email me at med at msi.com or at solutions at msi.com or visit our web
site at http://www.msi.com.

Mary E. Donlan, Ph.D
Sr. Product Manager, Structural Biology
Molecular Simulations Inc.
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