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Thu Jul 16 21:22:19 EST 1998

Postdoctoral Position Available to study the role of epidermal growth factor 
receptor (EGFR/ErbB2/HER2) family in transformed phenotype. 
These members of PTKR superfamily are  particularly interesting 
since they are not homologous to any known structure and they 
have been implicated more than any other in the 
development of human cancers.  We have 3.0A data from native crystals.  
Recombinant expression systems which produce adequate amounts of protein 
for structure determination have been established in the lab.  
These structural studies are complemented by functional analysis 
using molecular and cellular biology techniques including display 

As a member of the laboratory, the post doctoral fellow would 
interact with the large&fun structural community at U.C.S.F.  
The crystallography facility is equipped with 3 state of the art 
detector systems. Also, we are within 30 minutes of SSRL and ALS. SSRL has 
3 protein crystallography beamlines and 2 are suitable for MAD phasing.
The successful candidate will participate in all aspects of 
structure determination and will have a background in 
structural biology and an interest in drug design. 

This position is available for up to 3 years i.e. super project & S.F.,Calif.

Candidates should fax or email their resume and a brief description of their
research experience.

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