zero dist.

Jan Dohnalek dohnalek at
Wed Jul 29 03:11:58 EST 1998

Hi XPLOR users.
I have encountered this error XPLOR gives when generating structure:

 %HBUILD-ERR: zero distance between atoms"WSUB123 TIP3OH2 " "MSUB34  GLU O   "
 %<HBUILD>-ERR: There are zero interatomic distances.
 BOMLEV=    0 reached.  Program execution will be terminated.
 Subroutine DIE called . Terminating

I have checked several times the coordinates of those atoms
in the files that XPLOR reads as coordinates. There is a distance
of 2.93A between them. 
Then after I decided to delete the "WSUB123 TIP3OH2 " (water)
the same problem appeared for another pair of atoms with
about 3A distance from one to another.

Please, help.

Thank you
        Jan Dohnalek

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