Yoram Puius puius at
Thu Mar 26 17:34:53 EST 1998

Djamel Medjahed wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am running the (minimally) edited example script provided with the Xplor 3.84
> on a cray J91 platform.
> I get the following error message ( or part thereof):
> -------------------------- Torsion Topology ----------------------------------
>    WARNING: There are too many trees.
>             Please increase MAXTREE and re-run.
>  %TORSION:TOPOLOGY-ERR: Fatal Topology Error
>  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>  BOMLEV=    0 reached.  Program execution will be terminated.
>  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> I can't find any enty for MAXTREE in the input script. Also, there does not
> seem to be any place where I can "plug" the topology file that I have used in
> addition to toppar/ to describe a ligand I have in the structure.

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