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Michael Nilges nilges at NMR.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Fri Nov 13 04:41:12 EST 1998

"users" wrote:
> (Alternatives, such as seeding the generator from the integer value of the
> computer clock, are well-known, but probably beyond the scope of the
> user to implement in X-PLOR).

> It can be done, this is how: Write a program in C (or some other
> language) which gets the current time in integer format, and then prints
> it to a file (let's call it time.inp) like this:

> There are standard FORTRAN routines to set the random
> seed and then to get 'random' random numbers.
> Code below creates a random filename of letters.

what about...

X-PLOR>evaluate ($seed = decode($time - ":" - ":"))
 EVALUATE: symbol $SEED set to    102727.     (real)
X-PLOR> set seed $seed end

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