Recompiling X-PLOR 3.851 for SGI/IRIX systems

Benjamin Z. Goldsteen ben at
Fri Nov 20 15:59:00 EST 1998

I am trying to recompile X-PLOR 3.851 on our Power Challenge L system
running IRIX 6.2 with the MIPSPro 7.2.1 compilers.  The problem is that
the recompiled executable eats up memory.  For example, a given run with
the supplied X-PLOR executable requires 32MB of memory.  The executable
I compiled uses up close to 300 MB before I or the system kills it (our
systems have 256MB of RAM).  However, if the system doesn't kill the
job, the results are correct.

The original reason for recompiling X-PLOR was to raise the command
buffer size (longer loops).  However, I've restored everything to
defaults (by starting with fresh source code) and the problem persists. 
Has anyone seen this before?  Is anyone else compiling X-PLOR with the
MIPSPro 7.2.1 compilers?

Also, is CNS out?  If so, how does one go about getting a copy?  Several
of our researchers are interested.

Thank you
Benjamin Z. Goldsteen
Crystallography Program
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
405 271 8954 / 405 271 7953 (FAX)

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