Recompiling X-PLOR 3.851 for SGI/IRIX systems

Benjamin Z. Goldsteen ben at
Mon Nov 23 16:19:34 EST 1998

Omar Stradella wrote:
> "Benjamin Z. Goldsteen" wrote:
> >
> > I am trying to recompile X-PLOR 3.851 on our Power Challenge L system
> > running IRIX 6.2 with the MIPSPro 7.2.1 compilers.  The problem is that
> > the recompiled executable eats up memory.  For example, a given run with
> > the supplied X-PLOR executable requires 32MB of memory.  The executable
> > I compiled uses up close to 300 MB before I or the system kills it (our
> > systems have 256MB of RAM).  However, if the system doesn't kill the
> > job, the results are correct.
> Are you using the right sgitime.s file ?:
> - if you are compiling with -n32:
> cd machine/supported/sgi
> cp sgitime.s ../../../source/sgitime.s
> - if you are compiling with -64:
> cd machine/supported/sgi
> cp sgitime_r8000.s ../../../source/sgitime.s

Omar is correct -- I used the wrong sgitime file.  I recompiled with the
plain sgitime file and there are no memory problems.  Perhaps,
sgitime64.s would have been a better name...

I get incorrect results with the R8000 libfastm, but statically linking
with the plain libfastm seems to work fine.  In case anyone is
interested, compiling simply with "-O" seems to produce the fastest
executable (at least I haven't found a combination of options which
produces anything measurably faster).  

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