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Suryaprakash Nagarajarao surya at BGUMAIL.BGU.AC.IL
Tue Apr 6 03:29:11 EST 1999


        I am seeking one help on how to go about with x-plor for structure
determination.  I have prepared a noe restraint table using felix.  When I
exported the noe restraint file to x-plor format, felix created 4 files.,

	.ppm, .pks, .asn and .xdcn

	My specific questions are

        (1) How to get started with X-plor using those files?  Is there
any data conversion?  If so, how to do it?

        (2) Is there any tutorial on x-plor which I can download?  I
downloaded the tutorial from  But I could not open it as
it was still under construction. 

        I would appreciate a quick reply

        Thank you


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