command not recognized in CNS

Isabelle Phan phan at
Thu Mar 4 12:56:54 EST 1999

Dear All

I am trying to install CNS 0.5 on Solaris2.6. When doing test
runs, all looks fine except that the command "couplings" or
"coup" is not recognized:

 Program version= 0.5 File version= 0.5
 %CNSrefine-ERR: unrecognized command:
%FLAGS-ERR: unrecognized command:
                  noe cdih coup 

Any help greatly appreciated.

   Dr. Isabelle Phan                       phan at
   Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences
   University of Oxford                    voice: 44-1865-275720
   OXFORD OX1 3QU, U.K.                    fax:   44-1865-275253

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