Cooling at 4 Degrees

Hazes B. bart at
Sat Nov 20 08:40:05 EST 1999

> Sorry to keep pestering the BBS with cooling questions, but we still
> have a few bugs to iron out with our new X-tream. Has anyone who has one
> of these had any problems using capillaries at 4 degrees? Please could
> you let me know of any tips regarding build-up of condensation around
> the crystal. 

In the "old days" radiation decay of a haemocyanin crystal was overcome at
the University of Groningen by collecting data at 4 degrees with the
crystal mounted in gelatin (low melting point variety???). Of course this
will increase background scatter but apparently it was the trick to get
the data at that time (using precession images and one crystal per image
per day !!!!).


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