Post-Doctoral Position in Protein Crystallography

Wed Oct 6 15:14:10 EST 1999


An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available to work on X-ray 
crystallographic structure determinations. We are investigating the 
mechanism by which glycosylasparaginase (GA) autoproteolyzes the 
single-chain precursor into an active N-terminal nucleophile hydrolase
(Cell 98, 651-661, 1999; J Biol Chem 273, 20205-20212, 1998).  
GA is the prototype of proteins that self-catalyze peptide bond 
rearrangement through an N/O or N/S acyl shift, such as autocleavage of 
hedgehog proteins, protein splicing, maturation of pyruvoyl-dependent 
enzymes, and autoproteolysis of N-terminal nucleophile hydrolase 
precursors (reviewed by FB Perler, Cell 92, 1-4, 1998; Nature Struct Biol
5, 249-252, 1998).  Other areas of interest include protein-DNA and 
protein-RNA interactions in gene regulation.  Many crystals (GA precursor,
GA autocleaved enzyme, and restriction enzyme/DNA complexes) are at hands.

The lab is well equipped to carry out protein expression, purification, 
analysis, and crystallization.  Our in-house X-ray crystallography facilities 
include a Rigaku RU-300 rotating anode generator, R-axis II dual image 
plate detector with mirror optics, adjustable two-theta geometry, and He 
beam path.  Low temperature device for cryo-crystallography and facilities 
for freezing and transporting crystals to synchrotron sources are also 

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals with 
background in protein crystallography.  Candidates should have a Ph.D. 
and experience in macromolecular crystallography.  Research 
experience in molecular biology or protein biochemistry is an advantage 
but not required.  It would also be suitable for anyone having experience in 
macromolecular X-ray crystallography and wishing to gain expertise in 
molecular cloning and/or protein purification.  The position is available 
immediately for qualified candidates who are willing to commit themselves 
to a term of not less than 2 years.  BU is an equal opportunity/affirmative 
action employer.  Interested candidates should submit a CV and arrange for 
3 letters of recommendation to be sent to:

Hwai-Chen Guo, Ph.D.                      phone: (617) 638-4023
Assistant Professor                         fax: (617) 638-4041
Department of Biophysics                 e-mail: hcguo at
Boston University School of Medicine
715 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118-2526                      

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