PC refinement question

Jack Tanner tannerjj at MISSOURI.EDU
Fri Oct 8 08:47:18 EST 1999

Either triplet of angles should work if your TF input file repeats PC
refinement  before the translation search.  This is the usually the case
for the TF scripts  provided in the xplor distribution.

If your TF input doesn't include a PC step, run filter.inp again for the
orientation in question and then write out a coordinate file that can be
input to the TF script.

>Dear all,
>This is a question about molecular replacement.  I have done cross
>rotation search and PC refinement.  Should I put the rotation function
>solution (of the top filtered peak) BEFORE PC refinement (i.e. first 3
>fields) instead of the RF after PC refinement (i.e. 4,5,6th fields) for
>translational search?
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