Watch out for the scams.

Mon Oct 25 23:19:10 EST 1999

From: Phoenix <xxxx at>
Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 4:02 PM

This week I got alot of questions on several different money making ideas for sale. For sake, of not revealing the originator of these programs I'll quickly brief you on the whole concept. There are tons of informericals and programs for sale covering subjects from real estate,mail order,mlm,stocks,futures,etc. Now to tell you the truth, all of these programs can produce an income with proper training. No b.s you can make a lot of money with these programs. The problem is the author of these programs ,in most cases,is not in the business to train you to be a professional. They are in the business to sell you these programs. I have no doubt these authors make money with their systems,but what do they all have in common? They all sell information. Thats where the big money is. Thats the truth. Selling information makes millions period.

For those of you who have been with me for a while know that I recommended a program last week. To answer your questions, I'm still making money with this program. The response is unreal. If you have not checked it out ,do it now. It really works well. See web site for details

Note: I never recommend a program until I personally make money in it.

P.S If you recieved this message in error, please send me a blank email with" remove" in the subject field and you will be removed from any further mailing. Thank you.

P.S.S I,m about to reveal my top pick MLM company on October 31 1999. As you know I haven't recommended a MLM company in over a year ! I will personally work with my first 100 downline members. If MLM is your thing, I suggest you e mail me today to reserve your spot in my downline. I will not play favorites, the first 100 that e mail get their spot. In the mean time check out some of my recommendations. 

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