Save Up To 50% on International Calling

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Fri Sep 17 04:46:33 EST 1999

Dear x-plor at,

		Save Up To 50% on International Calling

..for residents inside AND outside the USA

Here is a sample of some of our rates FROM the USA To:

Rates(US$)    COUNTRY 

0.14/min.  Australia 
0.23/min.  Brazil - Sao Paolo 
0.12/min.  Canada 
0.52/min.  China 
0.14/min.  France 
0.12/min.  Germany 
0.10/min.  Hong Kong
0.78/min.  India
0.21/min.  Israel
0.14/min.  Japan - Tokyo
0.13/min.  New Zealand
0.40/min.  Russia
0.23/min.  South Korea
0.12/min.  UK 

- Rates apply 24 hrs/day, 7 days per week
- NO sign-up fees, NO monthly fees, and NO surcharges
- You DO NOT have to SWITCH your current provider
- Ideal for Home and Business

- For residents OUTSIDE the USA, we have INT'L CALLBACK
  Contact us for our low callback rates.

Contact us for more information 
and complete rate table at: 		softpaw at

Please type "info" in the subject line.

Thank You!

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