thionate moeity

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Mon Sep 20 10:34:34 EST 1999

Hello all,

We are currently refining a 1.7A structure of a thiol protease 
(cystiene proteases). 

The active site cystiene has an additional moeity attached, and 
we wanted to define the moeity in the dictionary file (either 
in CNS/X-PLOR or REFMAC). However, there is no 'reference' 
coordinate available for this moeity in Gerard's HiCup Hetatom 

The moeity is 'sodium tetrathionate dihydrate'

chemical formula -> Na2S4O6.2H2O

The moeity forms a covalent linkage to the active site cystiene
to form the complex, viz...


(where the "Protein-S" part is the cysteine Sulfur atom at the
active site!)

Hope someone suggests us for accessing the database for this

Thanks in advance,

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