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Dr. Alex Wlodawer wlodawer at
Wed Sep 22 16:31:47 EST 1999

                    Postdoctoral Fellowship

We have an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow
in Protein Crystallography.  Our laboratory is engaged
in studies of retroviral proteins such as protease and
integrase, cytokines and cytokine receptors, asparaginase,
onconase, cyanovirin, several phage proteins, RNA cyclase,
and other proteins important to problems of cancer and AIDS.
We have excellent facilities for biochemistry, crystallization,
data collection, and computing, as well as assured access
to the NIH synchrotron beamline X9b at Brookhaven.  The laboratory,
part of the newly created Program in Structural Biology of
the National Cancer Institute, is located close to both Washington
and Baltimore, in beautiful small-town settings.

An ideal candidate will be less than three years after his/her
Ph.D. and have both practical experience in solving structures
of proteins by multiple isomorphous replacement and/or molecular
replacement, as well as be experienced in structure refinement.
We will also consider candidates with good biochemistry/molecular
biology background, who express interest in training in
crystallography. Salary range is $29,000 - $32,000 per year depending
on the Ph.D. date.

Please send CV and three letters of recommendation to:

          Dr. Alexander Wlodawer
          Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory
          Program in Structural Biology
          National Cancer Institute-FCRDC
          P.O. Box B
          Frederick, MD 21702
          e-mail wlodawer at
          fax (301) 846-6128

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