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Fri Aug 4 12:46:47 EST 2000


For Sale

Save $100's on your cable bill!!  Just subscribe to 
"basic cable" and our descramblers will let you 
watch everything else!

Get Wrestling Pay Per Views !
Get Boxing Pay Per Views !
Get Movie Channels !

"If your cable company offers it, we'll descramble 

Low prices!

Now Only $99.00 ! !

or  2 for $180.00 ! !

plus $15.00 shipping & handling.  All orders shipped C.O.D.

Hurry, less than 10 left at this 

Call(301) 893-1683 or email 
metroelectronicsinc at or metroelec at

Seller assumes no responsibility for the manner in which this product is used. 
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	                                             Will NOT work with digital cable.


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