Beam Time Available.

Robert Sweet sweet at
Mon Aug 21 16:25:52 EST 2000

There is a substantial amount of beam time available, starting 5
September, on beamline X12-C at the NSLS.  Please visit the NSLS
macromolecular crystallography web page at  This will lead you to
the running schedule for this and the other NSLS PX beamlines.  

There is also some time available for X12-B; please check that schedule

In this case >DO NOT SUBMIT< the NSLS General User application, but

1. Send an e-mail message to Denise Kranz <kranz at> and Anand Saxena
<asaxena at> telling of your interest.  In your e-mail message,
please indicate which of the vacant beam times would be useful to you. 

2. >THEN< submit a PX Project form from the Web: describing the
experiment you would like to do. 

           "Reply" may fail.  Better to use the address below
	Robert M. Sweet			E-Dress: sweet at (that's L not 1)
	Biology Dept.			Phones:
	Brookhaven Nat'l Lab.	*New*	631 344 3401  (Office)
	Upton, NY  11973	Area	631 344 5642  (Beamline at NSLS)
	U.S.A.			Code	631 344 3407  (Facsimile)


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