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jeff almrud j_almrud at
Wed Dec 6 19:34:01 EST 2000

Hello.  I'm experiencing a problem with CNS.  The story is as follows:

I'm trying to install cns_solve on an SGI O2. (recently did a clean install of Irix
6.5.9).  I have my file cns_solve_env in the following directory:

In cns_solve_env I defined my CNSsolve directory:
setenv CNS_SOLVE '/usr/people/programs/cns/cns_solve_1.0'

Compiling CNS (no errors were reported) produced the following new directory:

I find the cns_solve executable under:

It seems CNS compiled with no errors.  However, when I try to run CNS I get the following
> cns_solve
20084:cns_solve: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname '' under any
of the filenames

I looked through the CNSsolve FAQ, and found a similar error listed:

Q. I successfully compiled CNS on an SGI, but when I try to run it on a different SGI the
program doesn't even start
and I get an error:

rld: Fatal Error: cannot successfully map soname ....

A. Make sure that the same libraries are installed on both machines. In particular you
should look out for the libfastm,
libcomplib and libblas libraries. In many cases different libraries are installed by
default depending on the version of Irix
and the hardware type.

Well, I can believe there could be problems with libraries between different SGIs running
different versions of Irix, but I compiled CNS on the same machine as I'm trying to
execute the program.  I searched for '' (find / -name -print) and

My assumption is that I have incorrectly installed some libraries with Irix 6.5.9?  If
this is indeed the root cause, which Irix 6.5.x CD contains the libraries I need?

Thanks for any help,

Jeff Almrud
University of Texas at Austin

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