CNX2000.1 Release and One Month Free Trial Download

Igor Mochalkin igor at
Tue Dec 12 22:29:39 EST 2000

Dear all,
I want like to make you aware that Molecular Simulations Inc. has recently 
released the CNX2000.1 software package supported on both SGI and Intel 
LINUX (Red Hat) platforms for crystallographic and NMR structure 
determination, and has now made it available for you to download and try 
out for 30 days at no cost.
CNX is the state-of-art product based on widely used X-PLOR and CNS offers 
algorithms, such as maximum likelihood refinement for crystal structure 
determination and residual dipolar coupling restraints for NMR refinement 
that can significantly increase the speed of calculation. In comparison to 
the previous version of CNX2000, CNX2000.1 has been enhanced with an MTZ 
file format reader, a new task file to convert X-PLOR reflection file to 
CNX format, and other additional functionality.
( url: ).
 From a user's point of view, CNX2000.1 is extremely friendly and its 
HTML-based interface provides various template protocols that are extremely 
easy to use. Also, for academic users, the software package is available 
for an unlimited period without maintenance upgrades or hotline support for 
a one time cost of $500.
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