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                                   Centraxx ticker symbol (CNXX)
                                 Due Diligence Information Package
                        Another article put out by Michael Street @ ECR Inc.
                          ON 01/27/00 CENTRAXX APPLIES FOR NASDAQ LISTING

Centraxx Inc. is a Wireless Data Communications Company Specializing in 
Providing Location Technology Solutions

Hello, once again I am here to supply you with a package of information 
that was put together so that you may obtain your own due diligence 
substantially easier. 
The name of the company that ERC Inc. will be highlighting at this time 
is Centraxx Inc. Ticker symbol (CNXX). The information that I am about to 
supply you with is detailed, no hype, quality leads, so that making research
for you is much more simple.  

Overview of CNXX...  
Centraxx is a technology driven company, with a commitment to market 
leadership through innovaiton.  CNXX intends to be involved in the 
following areas:                      
        1)  Automotive Applications  
	2)  Personal Security
	3)  Care Child Safety
	4)  Elderly and Infirm
	5)  Correctional and Penal System Monitoring
	6)  Cargo Tracking 
	7)  Search and Rescue 
	8)  Workplace Safety  
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Centraxx is setting a new standard in the tracking industry with... UNI-POINT

The system is unlike other systems because they have single point tracking 
technology.  This means that each base station is autonomous in that the 
location of the object occurs from only one satellite or point of refer- 
ence, hence the name UNI-POINT. The Centraxx radio frequency (RF) technology 
can monitor, track and locate any object or person equipped with an 
electronic Tag from a base station, a mobile unit or from a hand held 

It is expected that by the year 2002 the tag will be reduced to chip size 

So how do they size up to the competition? 

Other conventional systems require a minimum of three satellites or base 
stations to track the object. If that object is out of range of one or more 
of the satellites or base stations, tracking cannot occur. With the Centraxx 
UNI-POINT system the object is pinpointed by only one base station.   
This allows base stations to be placed further apart in comparison to 
systems requiring coverage from 3 or more base stations in all areas.  
That’s Centraxx efficiency. (text taken from

Key factors & thoughts to ponder...  

1)Centraxx has the capability to track persons down from their cellular phone.

2)Centraxx stock has been creating all time highs for themselves on a regular

3)Centraxx's AutoRescue system will dynamically track and accurately locate 
a tagged vehicle. 

4)With Centraxx's AutoRescue PLUS drivers will be able to summon help to 
their exact location-- at the touch of a button.

5)Centraxx also provides the monitoring services so as the customer base 
builds, Centraxx will enjoy exponential revenue growth from recurring 
monitoring fees.

6)The Centraxx radio frequency (RF) technology can monitor, track and locate 
any object or person equipped with an electronic Tag from a base station, a 
mobile unit or from a hand held tracker.

7)The Centraxx system communicates location information within seconds of 
the triggering event and continues monitoring the position on a real-time 
basis. This enables appropriate action to be taken almost immediately!

8)Centraxx distributes its products through traditional and non traditional
retail channels, including mass merchant, warehouse, automotive aftermarket, and 
specialty. (audio/alarm, cellular etc.) as well as car dealerships. Some examples of 
non traditional companies are insurance co's, auto club's, credit card co's, etc.

9)Price $$$ Starts at $129.95...Mass marketable product. 

This link will provide you with all of the Centraxx press releases... 
Once you reach this site click the FYI tab...

January 27, 2000
Key article 1...

Centraxx Inc. (OTCBB:CNXX), files for Nasdaq listing. The shares of Centraxx Inc. 
are currently being publicly traded through the OTC Bulletin Board under symbol CNXX.  
A Nasdaq listing is an important step for the company and its stockholders, 
stated Centraxx Chairman and CEO, Michael Ivezic

December 16, 1999
Key article 2...

Centraxx announces the joint venture agreement to develop the fourth largest 
market in Canada. The agreement has been signed with J. Lloyd & Associates 
and covers the Ottawa/Hull region.  The new network will be contiguous to the 
planned Southern Ontario network, and will extend the coverage area beyond 
Ontario and into Quebec. Mr. J.L. LeBlanc, President of J. Lloyd & Associates, 
stated, We are delighted to be joining Centraxx as a partner and to be 
offering the Centraxx products and services to the Ottawa/Hull market.   
About J. Lloyd & Associates 
J. Lloyd & Associates was formed in 1996 and specializes in selling wireless 
communication products to an established national dealer network.  
The company is the exclusive Canadian distributor for such companies as Icom 
Canada Inc., W.W. Manufacturing, Trident Microsystems, PC Dial, Comnev and 
Lone Peak Manufacturing.  Mr. J.L. LeBlanc has over 15 years experience in 
the wireless communication. 

December 9, 1999 
Key article 3...

Centraxx will first introduce an automotive application, the AutoRescue 
vehicle tracking and recovery system with AutoRescue PLUS roadside and 
emergency notification service.  This will be the world’s first vehicle 
tracking system combining high accuracy, self-arming reliability and 
affordability.  AutoRescue was unveiled to the public on December 9, 1999.  
The demonstration included a stolen car being tracked by the Centraxx system 
and apprehended by local police in less than five minutes. 

Many more great press releases are availabe on the Centraxx WEB SITE... 
such as these...

January 27/00 - Centraxx Files Application for Nasdaq Listing

December 10/99 - Centraxx Demonstrates Breakthrough Wireless Technology

November 18/99 - Centraxx Field Test Results Exceed Expectations

October 7/99 - Centraxx Signs Network Installation Agreement - Sets Sights on 
Spring Product Rollout

August 17/99 - Centraxx Unveils Accelerated Network Expansion Plan For Key 
Markets Including the Houston Area 
August 17/99 - Centraxx Unveils Accelerated Network Expansion Plan For Key 
Markets Including the Denver Area 

August 17/99 - Centraxx Unveils Accelerated Network Expansion Plan For Key 
Markets Including the Oakland Area

August 17/99 - Centraxx Unveils Accelerated Network Expansion Plan For Key 
Markets Including the Phoenix Area

August 17/99 - Centraxx Unveils Accelerated Network Expansion Plan For Key 
Markets Including the Philadelphia Area 

May 25/99 - Location Technology Innovator Centraxx Corp. Is Acquired By U.S. 

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Message boards for CNXX...
Here you can read about what others have to say about Centraxx...
Other research links for CNXX... 
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Complete overview...

Business: Location Technology Solutions and Innovation 
Shares Outstanding: 17,907,000
Insider Ownership:  65%
Mike Ivezic, Chmn./CEO/Pres.
F. Gerlach, VP
M. St. Eve, VP 
Brian J. Champlain, Exec. VP/CTO
Frank Neuperger, R&D
R. Hill, VP Sales & Marketing
David Pamenter, Secy. 
Employees as of 02/00: 43 

Contact information... 

1 Park Plaza, Suite 600
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: (949) 852-4488
Phone: (949) 852-4480 
Email General Info: rhill at
Email Sales: msteve at

2700 Argentia Road, Suite 1000
Ontario, L5N 5V4, Canada 
Phone: (905) 826-9988
Fax: (905) 826-7970
Email: msteve at 
Investor relations contacts...

Chuck Courson
Long Distance (North America):
Local:  905-814-0030 (Ext. 243) 
Fax: 905-814-0029
E-mail:  ccourson at

I hope you have found the information in this package to be helpful, and to 
teach you of what centraxx Inc. A wireless data communications company has 
to offer... 

 		Thank you for taking the time to read all 
                     of the information supplied 
		      Michael Street (ECR Inc.)


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purposes and is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the
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herein are based from sources believed to be reliable and written in good
faith, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied is made as
to their accuracy, completeness or correctness.  Readers are urged to
consult with their own independent financial advisors with respect to any

All information contained in this report should be independently verified 
with the companies mentioned.  The owners of ECR Inc. may or may not have 
positions in the stocks that are written about in the newsletter. 

ECR Inc. Was paid $4000.00 in for the release of this due diligence 
package article.

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