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University of Leeds

           Astbury Centre of Structural Molecular Biology
                       and Division of Microbiology

         Research Fellowship in Structural Biology/Virology

                      Closing date: 4 February 2000

The following positions are available within an expanding research
group that is investigating the molecular basis of viral pathogenesis,
particularly in relation to hepatitis C virus and HIV.

Research Fellow: The structural and functional role of co- and
post-translational modifications at the N-terminus of the HIV-1 Nef
protein funded by the BBSRC for a period of 3 years from June 2000.
Nef is a myristoylated phosphoprotein that is critical for viral
pathogenesis. Whilst some structural information about the protein
is available the influence of both myristoylation and phosphorylation
on the structure of the native protein is unclear. You will therefore
undertake structural studies on the native, myristoylated Nef protein
expressed either using baculovirus or E.coli systems. This is a joint
project between the laboratories of Dr J.Jaeger in the Astbury Centre
for Structural Molecular Biology and Dr M.Harris in the Division of

You should have a good Honours Degree and a PhD in Biochemistry or a
similar discipline. Experience in protein expression and/or structural
analysis would be desirable. Salary: Research IA (#18,185- 24,479 p.a.)
depending on experience.

Further Particulars:
Job ref: 096-124-004-027

Informal enquiries to:
Dr Jaeger on 0113-233-3031, e-mail: jj at
Dr. Harris on 0113 5632, e-mail: mharris at

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