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sales at sales at
Mon Jun 12 11:02:59 EST 2000 is offering FREE PhoneButtons(tm), a value 
of $20 US, until July 1 2000.

The benefit to you, the website owner, is that you can have 
anyone anywhere in the world call you from their PC for FREE! 
It's as simple as...

1-Sign Up
2-Display Button on Website
3-When the Phone Rings, Answer it!

This service works anywhere in the world. Find out more about 

Please use REAL information when signing up for it is displayed 
in the Directory

When asked to enter your credit card information use the 
following data:

Credit Card Holder name: 8647pass
Credit card number: 1234123412341234
Exp Date: 01/01

Please report any bugs or problems by way of the Bug Report form 
found on the support page:

Happy Trials :)

Erik Lagerway

VOCALSCAPE Communications Inc.
#203-3991 Henning Dr.
Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5 Canada
sales at


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