toppar library for glycerol?

Eugene Leitl eugene.leitl at
Mon Mar 13 17:24:53 EST 2000

Michael Bleichenbacher writes:
 > Hi everybody
 > Are there topology and parameter libraries (CNS format) available for 
 > glycerol and other cryoprotectants? (I'd prefer not to have to set them 
 > up myself ;-) and haven't found them in the libraries of the current CNS 
 > release).
Have you tried ?

Btw, you just dropped the magic name "cryoprotectants". I would love
to know what type of systems (size, type, time scale) you're
contemplating to model.

Eugene Leitl
 > Michael
 > -- 
 > Michael Bleichenbacher, Zurich (Switzerland)

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