Research Associate Position at SSRL

Peter Kuhn pkuhn at SSRL.SLAC.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Mar 16 15:50:29 EST 2000

Engineering Science Research Associate
The Structural Molecular Biology group at the Stanford Synchrotron
Radiation Laboratory is seeking a Ph.D. scientist, with research
interests and experience in macromolecular crystallography, to lead the
development of an NIH-funded collaboratory. This is a fixed-term
position for up to 3 years and it is renewable. The project goal is to
facilitate collaboration among widely distributed scientists, with
provisions for remote instrument control, data processing/archiving,
project tracking and teleconferencing. The successful candidate will
participate in the management of the collaboratory and be responsible
for the overall conceptual design and engineering of a 'virtual protein
crystallography beamline' including the interface, control software,
processing software, computing hardware, data formats, archiving and
She/he will implement the Collaboratory with the participation of other
staff scientists, scientific programmers and computer system staff in a
fully integrated fashion and function as the primary link between SSRL
and key personnel at the MacCHESS synchrotron facility at Cornell, the
San Diego Supercomputer Center (partners in the collaboration) and other
scientific collaborators (test users).  The scientist is expected to
pursue a research program and support scientific users of the facility
within the framework of the Collaboratory. Further responsibilities
include organization and implementation of training programs for users
through tutorials and workshops, dissemination of new methods and tools
to the scientific community, and generating progress reports that
specifically evaluate the impact of the Collaboratory on the way
research is conducted.
The scientist should have a Ph.D. in crystallography or related field
with extensive experience in computational aspects of macromolecular
crystallography, as well as excellent communication and management
skills. Experience working within multiple computer operating system
environments is required, programming experience is highly desirable and
experience with system management a plus. Stanford University is
committed to equal opportunity through affirmative action in employment
and we are especially eager to identify minority candidates and women
with appropriate qualifications. For detailed information, contact
Professor Peter Kuhn at pkuhn at


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