Beamtime availability at APS/IMCA-CAT

Hasemann, Charles Charles.Hasemann at
Thu Nov 2 07:53:49 EST 2000

The Industrial Macromolecular Crystallography Association Collaborative
Access Team (IMCA-CAT) announces the initiation of its Independent
Investigator Program on its undulator insertion-device beamline, 17-ID,
beginning October 1, 2000.  The beamline is currently suitable for
monochromatic data collections in a wavelength range of 0.82 to 2.4Å, and
semi-automated data collections at multiple wavelengths for MAD experiments.
If you are an independent investigator seeking beam time for an individual
macromolecular crystal structure project, or represent a collection of
investigators undertaking a larger program of macromolecular structure
determinations, such as multiple investigators from a single institution, or
a structural genomics initiative, you may submit an application via the APS
at  For
further information, please contact Dr. Andrew J. Howard, CAT Director, at
howard at or 630-252-0534.


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