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Fri Nov 3 16:25:17 EST 2000

Dear Sir,

I am working research associate in Albert Einstein college of medicine,

I am solving one protein structure. This protein have one cis peptide bond
(ala-tyr) in the non-proline residue. When I checked in density map, the
cis peptides model is fitting in density map. Then I checked the omega
value is ~9.0. WHen I saved the coordinates and refined in X-plor, the cis
peptide bond went to trans peptides bond and the N-atom away from the
density and TYR residues is not fitted in phi-psi map. When it was cis,
the phi, psi and omega are fitting in Ramachandran plot. 

I do not know, where can I give the cis bond parameter for only one
residues. I am happy, if you give the parameter files for me.

with regards

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