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Andrea Musacchio amusacch at
Mon Nov 13 04:06:57 EST 2000


Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in protein
crystallography at the Department of Experimental Oncology (DEO) of the
European Institute of Oncology (EIO), Milan, Italy. The successful
candidate will be involved in a collaborative effort between the groups of
Pierpaolo Di Fiore and Andrea Musacchio. The main goal of the project is to
gain an insight into the mechanism of action of proteins involved in Ras to
Rac signaling, in particular Eps8 and E3B1 [Scita et al. (1999) Nature 401,
290-3]. We have state-of-the-art equipment for protein purification and
characterization, diffraction data collection and processing (including
Rigaku RU-300 generator, R-Axis IV detector, X-stream cryosystem, SGI
workstations). There are excellent facilities for microchemistry and
molecular and cellular biology, and several high quality service
activities. The proposed salary will be commensurate with the experience of
the candidate. Interested individuals can inquire informally, or send a CV
and the name of two references to the following email addresses:
amusacch at
pdifiore at

For mail or phone please use:
Dr. Andrea Musacchio or Dr. Pierpaolo Di Fiore
Department of Experimental Oncology
European Institute of Oncology
Via Ripamonti 435
20141 Milan, Italy
Tel:  +39 02 57489831
Fax: +39 02 57489851

Dr. Andrea Musacchio
Dept. of Experimental Oncology
European Institute of Oncology
Via Ripamonti 435
20141 Milan
Tel. +39 02 57489829
     +39 02 57489871
Fax. +39 02 57489851
amusacch at



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