installing cns on Linux with commercial compilers

Kay Diederichs Kay.Diederichs at
Thu Nov 23 02:12:51 EST 2000

David Goetz wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience using a commercial fortran compiler for CNS?
> I have an Intel Pentium III with Redhat 7.0 installed. Cns runs just fine,
> but I have a trial offer for a commercial fortran compiler, and I want to
> see if there is any improvement. I am not sure how to alter the Makefile,
> or in fact which Makefile to alter to get Cns to not use fort77/f2c. Any
> help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dave Goetz
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there IS support for the PGI compilers - if you look in
instlib/machine/supported/linux, you'll find 'Makefile.header' and
'Makefile.header.pgf77' . If you rename the latter to 'Makefile.header'
(after renaming  'Makefile.header' to 'Makefile.header.g77', maybe) it
will get used by 'make install'.

In my experience, there is little difference in speed between g77
(2.95-1) and pgf77 (3.1).

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