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Liang Tong tong at como.bio.columbia.edu
Wed Nov 29 13:13:05 EST 2000

The Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium (neSGC,
is an NIH-funded pilot project in structural genomics using
macromolecular NMR and X-ray crystallography.

The crystallography efforts of the project will focus on the development
of automated, high-throughput technology for protein crystallization,
crystal handling, data collection, structure determination and
We are seeking experienced, highly skilled and highly motivated
at the senior scientist, post-doctoral and technicians levels, in these
areas. Some of the immediate openings are -

Protein crystallization: Several individuals are needed to run the
protein crystallization laboratory and be involved in the development
implementation of automated technologies

Image analysis: (ONE position, at the post-doctoral level) To develop
software that will classify optical micrographs of crystallization
by multi-resolution wavelet analysis

Robot development: (ONE position, at the post-doctoral level) To develop
and build a visually-controlled micro-manipulation system for protein

Structure determination: (TWO positions) 1. To develop a new graphical
environment as an automated pipeline for structure determination. 2. to 
develop new algorithms for electron density interpretation at medium
resolution. Prior experiences with structure determination are required
for both positions.

System administrator: (ONE position) To maintain a centralized computer
facility, including a large cluster of gigahertz Linux PC's

Group leaders: (TWO positions) Individuals are being sought to lead the
crystallization and the structure determination efforts, respectively.
Strong backgrounds in protein biochemistry and protein crystallography
are required, respectively, for the positions. Three years or more of
post-doctoral training is required. Start dates for these positions
are more flexible.

Interested individuals should send their resume and names of three
references to Jacob Keller by e-mail at jpk22 at columbia.edu. Please
indicate which position you are applying for.


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