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Winfried Meining wim at
Mon Apr 9 11:11:01 EST 2001

Dear all,

Some of you might still wonder how to unsubscribe from or x-plor at

Here is some information pertaining requests to unsubscribe:


If the subscribed e-mail address is the same as your current e-mail
address simply send an e-mail to majordomo at with the

unsubscribe x-plor

in the body of the message.


For the case that the subscribed e-mail address is not the same as
your current e-mail address Jurgen F. Doreleijers has given an useful

" ...
I subscribed with an email address: jurgen at where is actually an alias for the machine

The solution (thanks to Jeff Vargason) is to manually set the
outgoing domain name of the unsubscribing email message for the
unsubscribing email. This can be done in pine by setting the option
[S (Setup), C (Config)] "user-domain" to, in my case:
"". I don't know of other email programs that can do
this though.


Please do not send administrative commands to
x-plor at at

To subscribe to cnsbb at just send an e-mail (can be an
empty e-mail) to cnsbb-subscribe at

Best regards,

Dr. Winfried Meining
Södertörns Högskola & Karolinska Institutet
Department of Biosciences, NOVUM
Center for Structural Biochemistry
S-14157 Huddinge, Sweden
Tel.: +46-(0)8-6083-336
Fax : +46-(0)8-6089-290


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