Creating a heptapeptide with an intramolecular tether

Jack Sadowsky chemist47 at
Sat Apr 21 13:38:13 EST 2001

Hello everyone.  I am attempting to supplement the standard X-PLOR topology 
file with a patch residue that cuts off the NH3 of two lysines at different 
positions in a heptapeptide chain (2 and 5 positions) and then links the 
resulting CH2 groups to form an intramolecular tether (i.e., cyclic peptide 
of sorts).

I tried to follow the example of the disulfide bridge given in the manual, 
but this does not seem to work, presumably because I'm not just deleting a 
couple of hydrogens and linking the "sulfurs"(???).  Does anyone have 
experience in doing things of this sort?  I would be greatly appreciative of 


Jack Sadowsky


Fulbright Stipendiat
Universitaet Leipzig
Strasse des 18. Oktober 23/106
04103 Leipzig (Germany)
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