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I know the more you know, the more you will like what you see. We have
the world's first Bio-Tech product that helps balance and support the
immune system, backed by AMAZING CLINICAL TRIALS out of Harvard
Medical School, NYC Hospital, The US Army, The Government of India
and other medical institutions! It is protected by over 100 worldwide 
patents, took over 20 years to develop and cost over $50 million to create!

Our product is so spectacular that:

· One of the top 10 Oncologists in the country is now
using our products as part of his treatment plan with
cancer patients.

· Dr. Leo Galland, best selling author of "Power Healing"
and the Linus Pauling award winner for 2000 is now
using our products with many of his patients.

· Dr. David Trentham from Harvard Medical School, one
of the top rheumatologists in the world has just
completed double blind/placebo trials with our product!

· 25 of the countries top Doctors who treat over 75,000
fibromyalgia patients, are using our products.

· Dr. Hellen Greenblatt, a world re-known immunologist
and microbiologist, is conducting further clinical
studies with BioChoice and other Legacy products.

The Benefits of BioChoice Immune Support

· Balances and supports the immune system.
· Helps modulate autoimmune responses.
· Fosters digestive health.
· Helps maintain flexible and healthy joints.
· Helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.
· Helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.
· Helps increase energy levels.
· Helps enhance a sense of well-being.

To further research the product, go to my personal web site
There you can check out the clinical trials, ask questions, search previously
asked questions, etc. If you have any remainig questions feel free to 
contact us by phone or email. 
Warmest Regards,

Robert L. Cleveland. Jr. 
321 385-2699
oshea at

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robert cleveland


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