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Fri Dec 14 03:18:12 EST 2001

Dear Sirs,
    We have your name & address from internet ,we take this opportunity to write to you with a view to set up friend business relations with you .
    We are a state-ownerd company dealing specially with the metals export,in order to give you a general idea of various kinds of the products we are handling,we take pleasure in making you a new offer as follows:

(1)Sodium Bicarbonate(99%)                 FOB CHINA BEST PORT  125USD/MT
(2)Tianium dloxide(B101)                    FOB CHINA BEST PORT  900USD/MT

(3)Potassium Permanganate(BP93)             FOB CHINA BEST PORT  840USD/MT

(4)Citric Acid Monohydrate                   FOB CHINA BEST PORT  545USD/MT

(5)Citric Acid Anhydrus                       FOB CHINA BEST PORT  680USD/MT

(6)Barium Carbonate                          FOB CHINA BEST PORT  140USD/MT

(7)Barium Chloride Dihydrare                   FOB CHINA BEST PORT  205USD/MT

(8)Barium Nitrate                             FOB CHINA BEST PORT  265USD/MT

(9)Gum Roise ww                             FOB CHINA BEST PORT  465USD/MT

(10)Dicyandiamide(99.5%)                      FOB CHINA BEST PORT  970USD/MT

(11)Sodium Sulphide(red flake 60%)               FOB CHINA BEST PORT  155USD/MT

    Please let us know immediately if you are interested in our products , looking forward to your early reply,we are.
    Best regards,
                                                                             yours faithfully,
Lineman:Ms.Liang or Mr.Chen 
Addr:GuangZhou , China
Tel:86-20-84296163        Fax:86-20-84297631
Email:master at hkworldtraeds.com       


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